Hand made Gel candles ( Six in one pack )



 Gifts Hand made Gel candles Product code : HCCN0003GLCBG
Size : 8 x 5.25 x 1.25 (inches)
Weight : 380 gms

Description : Gel Candles are beautiful pieces of art and do a good job of enhancing the look of any room they are kept in. These colorful gel candles are just the right buy for this . These candles come in glass bowls wherein the gel has been carefully poured and the wick cut to the right length to give the exotic look it boasts of. These gel candles come in various exquisite colors like blood red, flaming yellow or pale translucent green. Light these gel candles and let your rooms sparkle with unique brightness. The glass bowls can be later used for your knick-knacks!