Hand made Perfumed candles ( Six in one pack )



 Gift Hand made Perfumed candles Product code : HCCN0001PRCBG
Size : 7.25 x 5 x 1.25 (inches)
Weight : 325 gms

Description : We do gel candle supply knowing the importance of gel candles. Aroma of the gel candles are know to play with our senses and each colour is associated with different aspects of life like love, romance, success…These perfumed candles are made with bee's wax and natural perfume oils. These perfumed candles will light and spread brightness amidst sensuous aromas for 3-4 hours. The various smells are - rose, orange, sandal, jasmine, lemon and lotus. Light them up on any other special occasion for that extra special aura in your surroundings!