White Tea Set


Ceramic wares made by skilled potters are known as pottery. In modern era the term ceramic ware denotes all kinds of ceramic products including stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain. Ceramic wares are made by molding soft and wet clay into the required shape and then firing them in kilns. Ceramic white tea sets like other ceramic wares are either entirely molded by hand or made on a potter's wheel. A complete tea set includes dish sets, tea cups, teapots, tea spoons and others. Though white tea set is used by many modern fashionable houses; they are largely used and bought in mass numbers by big hotels, companies and other such places. The purpose of using such stuffs is that they buy it in large scales and stamp their personal logos making it appear more prominent. White tea sets can also be used at homes but that needs immense care and proper handling. One disadvantage of using such materials is that they easily get stained.

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