Van Briggle Vases



Van Briggle Pottery is an old art pottery based in Colorado Springs, USA. The pottery was established by Artus van Briggle and Anne van Briggle. The founder, Artus van Briggle had a profound impact on the Art Nouveau movement all over the world. The pottery of the founder is foundational to American Art Pottery. Van Briggle vases have unique designs and finishes. The dull glaze or the matte finish of pottery ware was perfected in the Van Briggle pottery. Each artist in the pottery follows his or her individual style of pottery making. This makes Van Briggle pottery different from other potteries. Famous artists belonging to the Van Briggle pottery are Ambrose Schlegel, Harry Bangs, Nellie Walker, William Higman, Clem Hull, Gene Hopkins, Fred Wills, Nelson Curtis, Joe Jezek, Craig Stevenson, Mark Sucharski and Becky Hansen. All of them are ceramic artists.

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