Tea Set Porcelain


Tea sets have been in use for above five millenniums. According to a Chinese myth, in 3000 B.C. Shen Nong the Divine Cultivator, once accidentally happened to drop the leaves into boiling water. The resulting drink was liked by him and soon tea drinking became a popular norm. Porcelain is a type of ceramic material made by heating on high temperature some refined materials including clay in Kaolinite forms. Different types of porcelain wares are made by potters. A potter’s basic tool for making a porcelain product is his hands but there are some other tools also such as the potter's wheel, shaping tools including (paddles, anvils, ribs), cutting/piercing tools (knives, fluting tools, wires), rolling tools (roulettes, slab rollers, rolling pins), and finishing tools (burnishing stones, rasps, chamois). Porcelain tea sets though are tough, durable and resistant to high temperatures. Generally the regular use tea sets are made of porcelain. Often they are hand painted in unique designs. The Chinese porcelain wares are especially popular for their intricate designs and quality material. You can bring elegance to a party by using porcelain tea sets.

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