Tea Kettle


Kettles are kitchenware articles. Tea kettles are used for heating water and brewing tea. Tea kettles may be made of metal or earthenware. The handles are usually coated with plastic to prevent scalding. Tea kettles may be electrically powered or be heated on stoves. Stove mounted kettles often have a whistle that starts blowing when the water boils. Tea kettles have spouts and are equipped with lids. Some tea kettles have strainers attached to the spouts to strain the tea leaves. Lidless tea kettles are also available. He water is filed through the spout in those kettles. Nowadays electric tea kettles are becoming increasingly popular. Electric tea kettles are also manufactured in cordless varieties. Cordless tea kettles are placed on electrically heated bases. The kettle can be detached from the base and moved easily. Cordless kettles allow more mobility.

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