Porcelain Coffee Pot


Porcelain is a type of ceramic substance. It is made by heating selected and refined raw materials along with clay in kaolinite form. Once the mixture is heated to high to high temperatures it acquires a plastic like texture that can be formed into the desired shape before firing. Porcelain has high resistance to electricity and is an excellent insulator. Hence it is widely used in making kitchen ware. Porcelain coffee pots are often used in coffee makers to collect the brewed coffee. A funnel with the ground coffee beans is set on top of the coffee pot. The coffee is brewed in the funnel. Porcelain coffee pots come with hinged lids and usually have a valve on top of the lid through which the coffee flows down. Porcelain coffee pots are available in numerous shades and hues. They are shock proof and lightweight, making them safe for use.

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