Pottery Urns


Urns are covered vases without handles. Urns usually have a bulbous body with a narrow neck and a footed pedestal. Urns are used for various purposes. Knife urns are sideboard accessories. They are used for holding knives. Funerary urns are used for storing the ashes of loved ones after cremation. Ornamental urns are used as bird feeders or for planting small shrubs in gardens. Metallic urns, known as tea urns, are used to brew tea or boil water in large quantities. They are usually used in factories, canteens or churches. Pottery urns are handmade urns. They may be fashioned entirely by hand or made on a potter's wheel. Pottery urns include earthen urns, stoneware urns and even porcelain urns. The urns are made by molding soft and wet clay into the desired shape and then firing them in kilns.

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