Pots and Vases


Pots are of all kinds and made of all sorts of materials. Pot making materials are usually terra-cotta, stone, plastic wood or porcelain. Flower pots are used to cultivate plants. They are equipped with small holes to drain away excess water. Cooking pots have high sides and are almost as tall as their diameter. Chamber pots are porcelain or ceramic pots with handles. They were used in Victorian times for urinating. They often had lids. Vases are open topped containers. They are used for decorative purposes. Vases are used to display flower arrangements or to store items. Vases have three parts. The uppermost part is the neck. It is long and gives an elongated look to the vase. The middle part is the bulbous body. The lowermost part is the foot or base. Vases are mostly made of crystal, metal or ceramic.

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