Porcelain Vases


Porcelain encompasses a wide range of products made of ceramic. Porcelain articles are fired at high temperatures to get a glassy, vitreous look. Porcelain items have low porosity and a translucent look. Porcelain can be glazed as well as unglazed. Bisque porcelain is the most popular unglazed variety of porcelain. Porcelain was first invented in China. It was created during the rule of the T'ang Dynasty. However, high quality porcelain was not developed till the Yuan dynasty. Common porcelain articles include table ware, decorative goods, dental crowns and insulators. Porcelain vases fall into the category of decorative articles. Porcelain vases are embellished with delicate designs and intricate artwork. The art of vase making has advanced to such a level that it has developed into an art medium by itself. Modern vases are made in unusual shapes as well as forms.

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