Planter Vase


Planter vases are huge vases used to hold potted plants. They can also be used as regular vases. Planter vases are available in various styles and designs. Planter vases have an elegance and sophistication that is rare in other vases. Big glass planter vases are sometimes used as fish bowls or fish tanks. Old style planter vases in hues of green, brown and cream are very popular. To give a room a retro look, old fashioned carved ceramic or porcelain planter vases are excellent choices. Molded or cast bronze planter vases make good garden accessories. For a quirky look, planter vases in unusual shapes like gloves or swans are very popular with teenagers or young singles. Japanese style planter vases are good for use in small homes or flats. Planter vases are an innovative way of using plants to decorate the home.

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