Cream Pitchers:

During the mid 18th century, drinking tea, coffee or chocolate became very fashionable. It became necessary to have the proper equipment for preparing and serving the beverage in style. During this time, cream pitchers or creamers came into being. During the early 18th century cream pitchers were imported from Holland. They were made of porcelain or salt glazed stoneware. Cream pitchers were available in many unique shapes. The most famous of them being the cow shaped creamers. The manufacture of cream pitchers later shifted to U.K. They were manufactured in many places including Staffordshire, South Wales, Yorkshire, Tyneside and Scotland. Most of these cream pitchers were unhygienic and were the main cause of salmonella. However this fact did nothing to diminish its popularity. The outer parts of these cream pitchers were stained with metallic oxides to produce a tortoise shell like decorative effect. The earliest examples porcelain cream pitchers are from the 18th century. They are attributed to the Longton Hall manufactory belonging to William Littler. Cream pitchers are now an integral part of tea or coffee sets, even though cream pitchers are used to hold milk if tea is being drunk.

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