Pen Stand


A pen stand is an item of utility. It is used to store pens, pencils or other small stationary items. A pen stand can be spherical, hexagonal, rectangular, pentagonal or octagonal in shape. Pen stands has also become items of decoration. They can be made of ceramic, glass, cardboard, wood, metal or enameled metal. A pen stand usually has a mouth of the same width as the base. There should be enough space inside it to store all the items of stationary. Pen stands can be created by using gem stone painting or they can even be made by hand.


How to make a pen stand:

Pen stands can be easily hand-made. Cardboard pen stands are the easiest to make. For that we need a thick sheet of cardboard. Then the shape of the pen stand needs to be ascertained. The cardboard, then, should be cut accordingly. The pieces are then stuck in place with a strong adhesive. Then, the outer surface of the stand can be decorated according to one's choice. It can be either painted or stuck with sequins and pictures. It can also be decorated with small and big mirror pieces along with a strip of zari or lace.

Ceramic pen stand:

Ceramic is a unique material that can be given any type of shape or design. Animal or floral motifs can be easily carved on these pen stands to give them a unique look. Ceramic is a heavy material and it helps keep the pen stand firmly on the table top. Ceramic pen stands are not likely to topple over and fall. These pen stands, usually, have a velvet or cloth padding at its base. The cloth base protects the table top from getting damaged by abrasion from the ceramic pen stand.

Wooden pen stand:

Wooden pen stands are one of the commonest items to be found on any table or desk top. A straight square shape or rectangular shape is the most common shape of wooden pen stands. These pen stands are preferred for their utility quotient. Brass or metal inlay work on such pens stands look really pretty. Wooden pen stands can also be decorated with ceramic stone-inlay-work. This technique creates a beautiful mosaic structure on the pen stands. Wooden pen stands come at reasonable prices. These pen stands form an interesting gift item for any occasion. They can also be customized with names or personal messages.

Glass pen stand:

Glass pen stands look very decorative. These pen stands either take the shape of cylindrical columns or plain geometric shapes with neat cuts. A variety of colors can be used in these pen stands, like red, blue, green, yellow etc. Frosted or cracked glass may also be used to make pen stands. Pen stands do not have a fixed pattern. Any type of interesting shape can be experimented with. A glass pen stand may have two layers of wall with colored water in between them. This water may also contain small floating items or pieces of glittering ribbons. The price of a glass pen stands depend on the quality of glass that has been used to make them. The value of an expensive pen is more enhanced by keeping it inside a proper pen stand.

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