A mug is a type of cup with a sturdy built. It may be variously used for drinking hot or cold beverages, like tea, coffee or liquid chocolate. Generally mugs have handles and are capable of holding a larger amount of fluid than the usual cups. A mug is, usually, not used to serve hot beverages like tea or coffee. A tea or coffee cup is preferred in such a situation. A mug is generally used to serve Beer. Mugs are made of a variety of materials like bone china, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, Pyrex, plastic, steel or enameled metal. Pyrex glass is made by strengthening ordinary glass. A mug is specially suited to hold hot objects. The handle provides enough area to hold the mug with the hot liquid in it. The walls of the mug brings down the temperature of the hot beverage to a normal range and prevents it from cooling quickly. These thick walls separate the hot liquid from the cool exterior. It also has a slightly indented base, which keeps the base of the mug above the surface, on which it is kept. The thick walls prevent the mug from cracking, when very hot liquids are poured into it. Mugs are available in a wide range of designs and with different logos or phrases imprinted on them.

Types of Mugs:

As mentioned earlier, mugs are made of a wide range of materials. The utility of the mugs are enhanced by the type of material they are made of, like bone china, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, pyrex, plastic, steel or enameled metal. Accordingly, they may be of the following types:


Bone-china Mugs:

These mugs are the most popular ones. Bone-china mugs come in a wide range of designs and can be easily personalized. Bone china or fine porcelain is composed of bone ash. Smaller bone-china mugs may be used to serve soups. In such cases they come in a complete set along with soup spoons and saucers. The sparkle of bone china adds a touch of elegance to the other pieces of dinnerware. Traditional or non symmetrical floral or other patterns are used in bone china mugs. These cups are easy to maintain and lasts almost a lifetime. These mugs have a swallower base and a wide mouth.

Earthenware Mugs:

Earthenware is made by firing clay at low temperatures. This rends the material porous and hence unfit for use in items of drink-ware. But the outer surface of the material is glazed to overcome its porosity. The earthenware mugs are durable and easy to use on a daily basis. A earthenware mug is made by heating the clay at a range of 1000 and 1150 degrees Celsius(1800 and 2100 degrees Fahrenheit), and glost fired from 950 to 1050 °C (1750 to 1925 °F). Earthenware mugs come in a wide range of colors ranging from white, black, brown to brighter colors like red, orange, yellow etc. They may have a broader base than the mouth, or both the base and the mouth may be of the same width, or the base may be narrower than the mouth.

Pyrex Mugs:

It is a type of borosilicate glass, which does not expand easily and is heat-resistant. Pyrex glass mugs, generally, comes with a handle. These mugs are used to serve tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Ice-cream shakes or floats or cold beverages may also be served in them. The glass may be frosted, cracked or self-designed ones. They come in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8. They may or may not be accompanied by saucers. They are broader at the base than at the mouth. They may also be used as pen or pencil holders.

Plastic Mugs:

These mugs are best suited for outdoor activities like camping or trekking. Plastic mugs come with a handle so as to keep the heat of the liquid away from the hands of the user. They have a broad rim, which avoids spilling of the liquid. Plastic mugs come in a variety of colors as well as designs. Even children can use these mugs as these mugs are not liable to break or scratch easily. Colorful pictures on cartoon characters may be imprinted on them. Plastic mugs may come with covers, which makes them easy to carry anywhere. They come in a large number of sizes ranging from the usual cup size to the tall tumblers. Plastic mugs may also have a stainless steel lining on the rim. They serve as popular gifts at trade shows or promotional events, with the logo of the company imprinted on them.

Steel Mugs:

A handle may or may not accompany stainless steel mugs. The exterior of the mugs may have a shiny or a matte finish. They are very popular in South India, where they are used to serve black coffee. Steel mugs with a cover may double up as a thermos flask. They come in different shapes and sizes. Stainless steel mugs may come as part of a drink-ware set or in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8. they have a sleek, no-fuss look which makes them easy to maintain and use.

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