U. P. Marble Crafts Palace


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Recognized by Government of India by an Inlay marble award by his excellence, U.P Marble Crafts Palace has a special place amongst prime manufacturers and exporters of decorative marble handicrafts and decorative marble artifacts. We are descendants of those craftsmen who will be forever remembered for creating eight wonder of the world "The Taj Mahal". We started our journey from that time and the rest is history......... Our marble handicrafts are reflection of artistic brilliance captured in one of the most beautiful stones gifted to mankind-Marble; a symbol of purity and perfection. When crafted in the hands our master craftsmen and subsequently polished and finished to perfection, the beauty marble items are endowed with is truly amazing and enchanting. This specialty and rare art has attracted millions of people and the marble used by us is same as used in Taj Mahal. The raw marble is converted in a beautiful form of art in the form of in-laid marble items. Valued for centuries for natural beauty, strength and durability, hand crafted marble pieces are beautifully carved and polished to a bright sheen that can impress any collector. We make unique products like table tops, Taj Mahal replicas, flower vases, carving panels and a large variety of other handicraft items.

Since natural marble has color variations from quarry to quarry, to ensure the consistent look of our products, we cut all the components required for an item from the same marble block.

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Mr. Bunty

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23, Handicraft nagar, Near Hotel Atithi, Fatehabad Road Agra-282 001, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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