Karara Mujassme (India)



Company Profile :

One of the most ancient forms of art, Marble Sculpture has enthralled commoners and connoisseurs alike since time immemorial. Besides gracing the finest institutions of the world, Marble sculpture has made its way into domestic domain of art enthusiasts and modern home homemakers as the best way to eloquent their finesse and taste. We are manufacturer and supplier of Indian marble handicrafts. Karara Mujassme presents an array of masterpieces in pure marbles. A name to reckon with, Karara Mujassme's legion of masterpieces is hand carved from the finest of marbles with painstaking attention given to every minute detail. Choose from our exotic range of marble sculptures or order for a customized one matching our taste and imagination.

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Mr. Akhil Chandra

Address :

Chandra Gardens, Near Air Force Station, Rajokri,New Delhi - 110 038 India

City :

New Delhi