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Meticulous art and craft in Brass crafts and other objects of artistic, decorative, and utilitarian value such as brass idols, swings etc. The end product is an article of utility or a perfect addition to any decor. At Friends Metal, we offer you a beautiful medley of handcrafted Brass wonders that portray timeless beauty. Our products are crafted with impeccable perfection and skill that will quench the thirst for aesthetic appeal. We supply Brass artifacts that are result of the Midas touch provided by the dexterous hands of highly skilled artisans complimented with the best quality raw materials. Each piece of Brass artifact is an artistic endeavour of the craftsmen, characterized by exotic styles, designs and finish. We are engaged in serving various buyers and importers around the globe.

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Mr. Asheet Gupta

Address :

1135, Kucha Harjasmal, Bazar Sita Ram New Delhi - 110 006, New Delhi(India)

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New Delhi