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AB Impex is in stone field and offer a wide varieties of stones to suit present day market trends. SANDSTONES are composed mainly of silica; They are quite hard, compact, fine grained, homogeneous rocks with good compressive strength and low water absorption property. The available colors are white, Mint, Red, Pink, Biege, Grey, Brown, Green, Copper, Teak look and multi colored. Surface textures are either natural or sawn. The edges are either hand dressed or machine cut. AB Impex offers sandstone in desired sizes and thickness in the form of slabs, tiles, blocks, bricks and cobbles: Slates are composed of number of minerals. They are compact with moderate hardness and lesser homogeniety. The surface texture is fine to medium grained but has excellent shining property. The most common colors are copper, sea green, deoli green, silver grey etc. both natural and olished surface are available with or without groving on other side to impart ease for fixing. AB Impex offers slates in sizes (cm) like 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 30, 60 x 40 with 10mm to 25mm thickness. Marbles are carbonate rocks and this category includes limestones also. Besides conventional use in flooring, the coloured marbles and limestones have found usage in wall facings and other exteriors in both natural and polished finish. AB Impex offers marbles in 4 colors - Green, Pink, Yellow and Kota Green. Slabs and tiles of desired size and thickness are available.

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Mr. Rahul Bhartia

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7-K-21, R.C.Vyas Colony, Bhilwara, Rajasthan- 311 001, India

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