Hand Painted Vase


The term painting denotes the act of applying color to any surface. Hand painting is usually done using a brush. At times rags or sponges are used to get special effects, but that is rare. Hand painting vases is a very old practice. Before the invention of ceramic or porcelain, most vases were made of clay. In order to make clay vases look more attractive, they were painted in bright colors. Nowadays hand-painted vases are very popular with interior decorators. Vases are available in a wide range of shapes and styles. Since the painting is done manually each vase is different from the next. Hand-painted vases last longer than other vases and are more chip resistant. Most artisans are very particular when it comes to hand painting. Utmost care is taken in the manufacturing process. The vases are either painted in abstract or floral designs or mythological and historical scenes are depicted.

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