Fine Dinnerware


Dinnerware is the collective term used to describe the sets of dishes needed in a proper table setting. Dinnerware includes dish sets, plates, bowls, tumblers and serving pieces. In most families melamine or low grade china wares are used for dining on a regular basis. For fancy occasions and formal gatherings, different sets are used. These are usually categorized as fancy china or fine dinnerware. They are high quality dinnerware. Generally they are made of bone china. Bone china dinnerware has a translucent look. It is white in color, light, extremely tough but brittle. Bone China dinnerware is very expensive. Apart from bone china, dinnerware made of porcelain is also used for elaborate dining. Porcelain ware is elegant and expensive. Most fine dinnerware is delicate and has to be handled with extreme care. In an average household, these are not used on a regular basis.

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