Drip Coffee Pots


Drip coffee pots are also known as French press. It is a device which was popularized by the French. A drip coffee maker is the simplest type of coffee maker. It consists of two chambers with the upper chamber having a perforated bottom. The coffee grounds are placed on a filter kept on the upper chamber. The hot water is passed through the coffee grounds where it absorbs the essential oils and aromas of the coffee. The prepared brew is then collected in the lower chamber. The lower chamber doubles up as a coffee pot. The strength of the coffee depends on the ratio of water to coffee and the coarseness of the ground coffee. Drip coffee pots range in size from single serving pots to extra large capacity pots. Drip coffee pots can be manual as well as automatic. The automatic pots warm the water whereas in the manual coffee pots, the hot water has to be poured separately.

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