Dinnerware Bowls


Dinnerware bowls are open topped containers used to serve food or beverages. Soups are the only beverages that can be served in bowls. Apart from that, salads, desserts or side dishes are served in bowls. Dinnerware bowls are available in sets along with other items of dinnerware. Dinnerware bowls may be small or large depending on their use. Large and deep bowls are generally used to serve salads or punches. Smaller and shallower bowls are used to serve side dishes, desserts, soups or dips. Soup bowls have matching broad spoons. Dinnerware bowls may be made of ceramic, plastic, metal, wood or stone. Most dinnerware bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe. Sugar bowls are also part of dinnerware. Sugar bowls are included with the tea sets provided with the dinner sets. They are used to hold sugar or sugar cubes.

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