Types of Glassware:

Glassware includes all glass items used for place settings. Mainly all tumblers and drinking vessels come under this category.

Tumblers: they are drinking vessels with no handles, foot or stem. Tumblers include;

Beer Glassware: Glasses used for drinking beer are known as beer glasses. They have strong handles and are shaped like mugs, i.e. they have a uniform cylindrical shape from top to bottom, unlike water tumblers which are broad on top and narrow at the base. Different types of beer glasses are;

Wheat Beer Glass: German glass holds 500 milliliters of beer, used for serving wheat beer.

Pint Glass: Used for serving stouts, porters and ales. Popular in US, they hold an imperial pint of drink.

Pilsner Glass: Generally available in 250-330 ml sizes. They are smaller than pint glasses and are used to serve light beer.

Beer Stein: Traditional German beer tankards made of pewter or porcelain. They usually have a hinged lid.

Flute Glass: Used for serving Belgian lambics or fruit beers.

Tulip Glass: It has a bulbous body which narrows at the top. Used for serving Scottish ales, barley wines and other aromatic drinks.

Collins Glass: Used to serve tall mixed drinks

Highball Glass: Used for serving mixed drinks

Iced Tea Glass: Tall tumblers used for serving iced tea.

Juice Glass: Short stemmed glasses used for serving juices

Old Fashioned Glass: Traditionally shaped glasses used to serve cocktail or liquor on ice.

Shot Glass: Small glasses used to measure up to three ounces of liquor.

Whiskey Glass: Small thin sided glasses used to serve straight shots of liquor.

Stemware: Some glasses have a bowl on a flat base or have the bowl on a stem which rests on a flat base. These types of glasses are known as stemware. Stemware includes;

Goblets or Chalices: Large bowl shaped glasses with stems, used to serve heavy Belgian ales or German Bocks. Goblets are delicate and thin whereas chalices are thick and heavy.

Snifters: They are used to serve brandy and cognac. Snifters are designed to capture the aromas of the beers.

Cocktail Glasses: Stemmed glasses with wide and shallow bowls. Used to serve cocktails

Sherbet Glasses: Used to serve ice creams or sherbets.

Wine Glass: Tall stemmed glasses, used to serve wines. Wine glasses are of many types;

Champagne Coupe: Champagne coupes are similar in design to cocktail glasses. They have wide shallow bowls.

Champagne Flute: Narrow, tall, bowls on medium sized stems which allow the champagne bubbles to show clearly.

Bordeaux/Claret Glasses:
Used to serve red wine

Burgundy Glasses

Sherry Glasses and

White Wine Glasses

Types of Cutlery:

Cutleries are hand utensils. They are used to prepare, serve and eat food. Cutlery is also known as Silverware or Flatware. The major items of cutlery include knives, forks and spoons. Traditionally, cutlery was made of silver, hence the term silverware. Nowadays they are made of steel, EPNS, starch polyester and even plastic. Plastic cutlery is used by airlines or fast food outlets as they are meant for disposable use. Forks are pronged eating tools. The prongs or tines have sharp points used to spear food. The number and sharpness of the tines of a fork vary according to use. There are about twenty different types of forks. Dinner knives have a sharp edge, usually used to cut up meat or vegetables into bite sized pieces before eating. The spoons have a broad curved surface on top of the handle to scoop up the food and put in the mouth. The spoons come in varying sizes and shapes. Spoons come in about thirty different varieties.

Apart from all these, dinnerware also includes serving trays, ladles, salvers, platters and dishes. They are used to serve or distribute food from one source to various people sitting at the table. They are collectively known as serving dishes. They are an integral part of dinnerware. Dinnerware is known as crockery in British English and Delph in Hiberno-English. The number of items included in a full dinner set varies from culture to culture. Westerners have a tradition of drinking coffee or tea after meals, hence their dinner sets will include tea or coffee sets. In eastern regions tea or coffee is a beverage served as refreshment usually in the evenings or between mealtimes. Eastern dinner sets do not include tea sets or coffee sets. There are a number of china dinnerware manufacturers. A lot of them have established themselves as brand names or designer dinnerware manufacturers. Notable names include Baccarat, Aynsley, Gibson, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Royal Crown Derby, Swarovski, Wedgwood, Versace and Waterford.

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