Decorative Dinnerware


Decorative arts are the practice of ornamental and functional works in ceramic, wood, glass, metal or textile. The field of decorative arts also includes ceramics, furniture, furnishings, interior design and architecture. In ceramic ware, decorative art is applied on the finished products. Decorative dinnerware is made of ceramic. Once the processing of the ceramic dinnerware set is finished, the baked pieces are glazed to give them a high sheen. The glazed pieces are then painted in beautiful designs. Floral designs are most common in painting decorative dinnerware. Hand painted decorative dinnerware is made with great dexterity and care. They are unique and one of a kind. Decorative dinnerware falls into the fine dinnerware category. They are though expensive dinnerware. Nowadays melamine decorative dinnerware is also available. They are cheaper than ceramic dinnerware and can be used regularly. Decorative dinnerware is frequently passed down from generation to generation an heirloom article.

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