Crystal Vase


If you are interested to lend that special look to your living room and make everyone stare with wonder, then a crystal vase is the best option at your disposal. Glistening and shining, a vase made of crystal is sure to add a glamour quotient to your home.

Crystal Vases have become one of the most preferred choices as far as room decorative articles are concerned. They come in different colors like dark green, ruby red, deep blue and others. Colorless crystal vases are, however, more common than the colored ones.

Shapes and designs of the vases are also varied. They can be cylindrical in shape; bowl shaped, shaped in the form of a basket or have a certain abstract shape. Whatever be the color or the shape, they will shine and shimmer thereby lending the glamorous look to your room interiors.

Crystal vases are priced slightly on the higher side as compared to vases made of glass or ceramic. Nonetheless, they are highly popular and in great demand too. They serve as excellent gift items. Whether it is someone’s marriage or a birthday, vases made of crystal can be a favorable choice as far as a gift is concerned.

Swarovsky is one of the most popular brands selling crystal vase. Perfect Collection, India and Decent Lites are two other reputed companies selling good quality and exquisite looking crystal vases.

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