Coffee Set


A coffee set is a utensil suite sold in groups. The items in a coffee set are used to brew, serve and drink coffee at parties or gatherings. Coffee sets are available in variable prices and qualities. Very often tea sets double up as coffee sets. The best and most expensive coffee sets are made of porcelain or bone china. A traditional coffee set includes:

  • A coffee pot
  • Coffee cups/mugs
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Creamers
  • Hot water pots
  • Slop Bowl and
  • Tray

Sterling silver coffee sets are available. They are mostly antique items. Silver coffee sets are extremely valuable. Nowadays silver plated coffee sets are produced on mass scales. Bone china coffee sets are also produced in mass scales. However, at times, the well known brands launch designer limited edition sets. These sets are high ended sets and the patterns on them are usually designed by renowned designers who are in collaboration with the china ware manufacturer.

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