It is also known as cassolette. It is an ornate ceramic container which has small holes in its cover. It is used to keep a wet mixture of aromatic spices, fruits or flower petals with a candle or flame below it, which smolders the contents to produce a pleasant aroma.

Spode Porcelain:

This was introduced by Josiah Spode and Josiah Spode II of England. This is hybrid porcelain which combines the ingredients of hard-paste porcelain and bone ash. This became the type of the standard English bone China. This technique is used to produce large pieces that are elaborately decorated.

Uses of China-ware:

China-ware is used to make items of utility as well as decoration. Various types and sizes of artifacts are made with bone-China. Beautifully decorated and colorful crockery, dinner setss and many more items of kitchenware are made of porcelain, China-ware or bone-China. These vessels can be used for storing liquids, food or any type of things. Nowadays pieces of microwave-proof China-ware are also available.

They come in a variety of shapes starting from round, oval, square or rectangle. They can also be customized or designer-made, according to the taste preference of individual customers. Ceramic coffee mugs are a popular gift item for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Anniversaries etc.

Maintenance of China-ware:

They have to be handled with care because they can easily chip or break into pieces if they fall on the ground. They can be washed with cold or warm water. They are not stained by food or liquids. Once soiled, they should not be kept in that state; rather they should be immediately washed and wiped with a clean piece of cloth.

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