Adinath Metal Industries Private Limited



Company Profile :

We at Adinath Metals is a prime manufacturer and wholesale supplier of stainless steel kitchen utensils in India. The range of stainless steel utensils includes cutlery sets, baking utensils, deep mixing bowls, serving bowls, glass, plates etc. With over twenty one years experience in the world wide market, we continually desire to introduce new products hoping to give you the best choice possible. We take special care in manufacturing items of your requirement and choice. Over the past few years our name has become synonymous with quality kitchen utensils, a name we believe we have earned from the standards we have set in the production of our stainless steel utensils. We anticipate that our products will appeal to cooks and housewives of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Contact Person :

Mr. Hanish Vikmani

Address :

19 New Islam Mill Compound, Curry Road (East) Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 012 (INDIA)

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