Bone China Dinnerware


Bone china is a variety of porcelain. It consists of calcined bones, bone ash and clay. Bone china is translucent, strong and has a bright whiteness. Bone china has been a medium of making dinnerware for many years. At first there were only six towns which were known for making bone china dinnerware. These towns were combined in 1910 to form a new town, Stoke-on-Tent. This town is considered to be the birthplace of bone china. Antique bone china dinnerware is coveted by collectors over the world. Fine bone china dinnerware has an elegance that is unmatched by any other kind of crockery. Bone china dinnerware is perfect for using on any occasion, be it formal parties or informal gatherings. The perfect bone china dinnerware complements any place setting or décor. Good quality bone china dinnerware is handed down through many generations as an heirloom.

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