Antique Vase


Antiques are items that are at least hundred years old. Most antique objects are collectible items. They are priceless due to their age, condition, rarity or utility. Antique vases are usually from Greece or China. Chinese ming vases are the most coveted and expensive of all antique vases. A few Roman urns are also categorized as antique vases. Antique vases from ancient Greece are beautifully decorated earthenware vessels. They generally have depictions of historical or mythological scenes painted on them. Ming vases are white porcelain vases. They have delicate designs etched on them. The designs are either painted using blue colors or brown colors. Antique vases are generally housed by museums. At times auction houses may get hold of an antique vase, which is then auctioned at a high price. Lower quality antique vases are circulated by many exporters and dealers in ceramic ware.

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