The gates of an estalishement down the Madhapur road are decorated with the large-sized artistic terracotta horses that lead to a village with festive looking precincts. This is Shilparamam, the crafts village of Hyderabad.

A Cultural Center

Shilparamam is spread over 50 acres of land nestling by the hillside with natural slopes and wild vegetation studded by unique rock formations. The land was granted to the South Zone Cultural Center by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the development of an idyllic rural setting. The efforts of modern landscape architecture inspired by rustic aesthetics-brick structures with thatched roof, walls decorated with traditional rangoli motifs-create an authentic village locale.

The village was conceived with an idea to create an environment for the preservation of traditional crafts. A festival celebrated at Shilparamam is a "reincarnation of arts and crafts" when artifacts, related functional skills and supportive traditions are presented in a manner connecting the boundaries between theatre, crafts, music, dance, poetry-each complementing the other.


Annual Festivals

Annual festivals of arts and crafts are held in March when artisans are invited from all over the country. This helps in establishing a direct contact between the craftsmen and the buyers and also helps in educating people on the value of their rich cultural heritage.

Cultural activities are also held during the ten days of Dussehra in October and during the Sankrant Sandadi festival of harvest in January. In order to provide technical advice or any other guidance to craftsmen, the crafts village organizes camps and workshops.

Amphitheater A Major Attraction

A major attraction is the amphitheater where rural and urban artistes meet and interact through workshops, seminars and festivals. Renowned classical dancers and music maestros as well as young artistes come here from all over the country to perform.

Special efforts are made to encourage folk and tribal art. Folk performances by artistes from the interiors of Andhra Pradesh provide an opportunity to the urban audience to experience the nuances of rural life and culture. Dances like the Koya of the hunting class; Dhimsa, the mild and gentle dance of women; Dappulu, a dance with simple percussion instruments; Veera Natyam, the arduous dance with acrobatic skills and a dozen more are performed.

Folk theater and spirited street plays with an element of humor, all add color and represent the primary impulse of the hill folk and tribes.

Shells cut in different ways make good paperweights and decorative pieces.

Small shells are used in the production of intricately designed chandeliers, hangers and curtains. Utilitarian items such as key chains, fork and spoons, table lamps, ashtrays, jewelry, buttons, pen stands, small boxes are also made from shells. Shell craft also includes engraving, painting and sculpting of seashells.

Decorative shells or shells which are rare and tastefully decorated by nature are also sold as items of decoration.

Handicrafts Trade
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