Crafts Villages



Crafts are the integral part of Indian Culture. These crafts flourish in the remote corners of the country. In India, most of the crafts are practiced as the heritage of the past and the family. People making crafts have inherited them from their ancestors and this tradition has been running for centuries. The concept of crafts village came in to picture to serve the purpose of bringing most of the crafts' specimens and the craftsmen under one roof. At a craft village you can get the real life experience of watching the craftsmen making their artifacts before your eyes.

The infrastructure and the atmosphere of a crafts village is also made similar to that of a village to give the visitor a feel of rural life in India. Crafts village also act like a market as you can buy the artifact of your choice in rather cheap prices than in the general market. Thus these craft huts serve more than one purpose from a single platform. Following are some famous crafts villages of India. Get to know the charm and the magic of the craft talismans here:

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