Textiles Organizations



There are several organizations and associations which are working for the smooth running of commerce of textile in India. They look after the welfare of the people involved in the production and delivery of the textile products. Watch out for some of such governmental, semi-governmental and private bodies.

Advisory Bodies:

  • All India Handlooms Board
  • All India Handicrafts Board
  • All India Powerlooms Board
  • Advisory Committee under Handlooms Reservation of Articles for Production
  • Co-ordination Council of Textiles Research Association
  • Cotton Advisory Board
  • Jute Advisory Board
  • Development Council for Textiles Industry
Export Promotion Councils:
  • Apparel Export Promotion Council, New Delhi
  • Carpet Export Promotion Council, New Delhi
  • Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai
  • Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, New Delhi
  • Handloom Export Promotion Council, Chennai
  • Indian Silk Export Promotion Council, Mumbai
  • Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council, Mumbai
  • Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai
  • Wool & Woolen Export Promotion Council, New Delhi.
Autonomous Bodies:
  • Central Wool Development Board, Jodhpur
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • National Centre for Jute Diversification.
Statutory Bodies:
  • Central Silk Board, Bangalore
  • Jute Manufactures Development Council, Kolkata
  • Textiles Committee, Mumbai
Public Sector Undertakings:
  • Central Cottage Industries Corporation Ltd., New Delhi
  • Cotton Corporation of India Ltd., Mumbai
  • National Textiles Corporation Ltd.
  • National Jute Manufactures Corporation, Kolkata
  • Handicrafts and Handlooms Exports Corporation of India Ltd., New Delhi
Textiles Research Association:
  • Ahmedabad Textiles Industry’s Research Association
  • Bombay Textiles Research Association, Mumbai
  • Indian Jute Industries Research association, Kolkata
  • Man-made Textiles Research Association, Surat
  • Synthetic and art silk –Mills Research Association, Mumbai
  • Wool Research Association, Thane
  • Northern India Textiles Research Association, Gaziabad
  • South India Textiles Research Association, Coimbatore