Textile Powerloom Sector



The Man-Made fiber/ Yarn Sector:

This part of industry includes fiber and filament yarn manufacturing units. The production of man-made fiber has shown promising growth over the years. The total production of fiber is expected to increased by 14% during year 2006-07. The production of Polypropylene staple fiber and Polyester Fiber is expected to increase by 26% and 11% respectively. The production of Polypropylene Filament Yarn and Polyester Filament Yarn is expected to increase by 12% during 2006-07

The Powerlooms Sector:

The Powerlooms sector is decentralized and plays vital role in Indian Textiles Industry. It produces large variety of cloths to fulfill different needs of the market. It is the largest manufacturer of fabric and produces a wide variety of cloth, both grey as well as processed. There are 19.54 lakh powerlooms in the country distributed over 430,000 units. The sector contributes around 62% of the total cloth production in the country and provides ample employment opportunities to 4.86 million people.