Textile Cotton Sector



The Cotton Sector:

Cotton sector is one of the major sector and plays vital role in Textile Industry. It is one of the major source of employment and contributes in export in promising manner. The ratio of use of cotton to man-made fiber and yarn was 56:44.This sector provides huge employment opportunities to around 50 million people related activities like Cultivation, Trade, and Processing. India’s Cotton sector is second largest producer of cotton products in the world. It has share of 16.75% of the world’s production with largest cultivated area around 9 million hectare. Cotton fabrics accounted for 46% of the total fabric produced in 2005-06.

Cotton Sector is lacking in terms of productivity that is 467.44 kg/ha and it is less than global average of 728 kg/ha. The major reason for this is that 65% of cotton cultivated area is rainfed. During the cotton season (October- September) of year 2005-06, the production output was 244 lakh bales (170 kg. each). It is expected that this will reach 270 lakh bales in the cotton season of 2006-07.