Initiatives for Handicrafts



  • The primary objective is to create an environment that helps the industry to compete on the global basis.
  • To build the environment that will focus on: Wealth Creation, Infrastructure Development, Training, Technological Development, and Poverty Alleviation etc. to enhance the sector performance.
  • Awareness should be increased among craftsmen and customers through Trade Events, Seminars, Craft Forums and advertisements.
  • More training centers should be opened to provide proper training to craft persons.
  • There should be more trade shows to facilitate craft producers to access the market.
  • Transportation infrastructure should be improved to access the untapped market that would be beneficial to reduce the transportation cost.
  • Promotion of cultural tradition and heritage.
  • Promotion of Indian Tourism to attract the foreign customers.
  • Developing technologies to recycle natural resources to produce new products and ensure waste minimization, product durability and reliability.
  • Promoting Partnership and collaboration with private sector.

  • There should be market platform for craft producers belonging to rural areas to market their products.
  • Development of electronic platform by using internet to provide information, database, and marketing and distribution solution.
  • Increased Private participation in industry.
  • There should be optimized distribution network and supply chain management.
  • Through improving labor productivity in a high labor intensive and price competitive market.
  • There should be proper balance between cultural and commercial value of craft products to sustain business opportunities.

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