Handicrafts:An Observation



The Indian Handicraft Industry stands a unique place among all other industries. It represents the rich culture, tradition and heritage of India. India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provides a unique and huge resource for developing craft products. The Indian Handicraft Industry is showing continuous growth rate of 20% every year and it is one of the most important segment of decentralized sector in India.

Most of the part of industry operates in rural and semi urban areas throughout the country and have large and potential in Indian & International market. Indian Handicraft Industry provides wide range of products because of country’s diversified culture, traditions and heritage. There is huge demand of Indian Handicraft products in international market. Industry provides ample opportunities for employment to people belonging to backward and weaker classes of society.

However, Indian Handicraft Industry has the status of cottage industry in India, but it has shown promising growth and evolved as one of the major revenue generator over the years. It has shown continuous growth at the rate of 15-20% over the years and contributes major role for export and foreign earnings.

Low capital investment, Cheap and skilled labor, Diversified product portfolio, Flexible Production are few important

features of Indian Handicraft Industry. However, Lack of Infrastructure & Technological support, Lack of awareness of international and new trends and Poor Promotional campaigns are a few drawbacks of industry which needs to be overcome. It is estimated that Handicraft Industry in India is all set to grow with rapid rate in future and contribute its share towards economic development handsomely.

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