Handicraft Concerns



  • Inspite of having diversified products, some part of Indian market is still untapped and market is price sensitive.
  • Products are high priced in big and metro cities, which are beyond the reach of people belonging middle and lower middle class.
  • Craft producers have to compete on price, quality and delivery for different segments.
  • There is poor promotion for craft products in national market.
  • There is lack of awareness about new traditions and among craftsmen
  • It is difficult to balance the cultural and commercial value of handicraft products.
  • Inadequate supply chain management and distribution reduces the sector’s commercial viability and economic sustainability.
  • Lack of Technological support and training.
  • Lack of Research and development for key handicraft sectors like, ceramics, paper making etc.
  • There is shortage of skilled craftsmen and labor to match the competition.

  • Lack of ability to produce in large scale and create economies of scale.
  • Inadequate material testing and performance measurement.
  • Inappropriate energy supplies to rural and sub-urban areas.
  • Untapped and inaccessible market due to poor transportation infrastructure.
  • There are inadequate training centers to develop skilled craftsmen.

Handicrafts Trade
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