Handicraft Channels



In India, handicrafts are distributed through following major Distribution Channels:

  • Retailers/Direct Sales:
    This is the most common distribution channel for selling handicrafts in India. In India there are large number of retailers who provides wide range of handicrafts products.
  • Wholesalers/Distributors:
    Apart from retail and direct sales channels, wholesalers and distributors also provide large range of handicraft products. Wholesalers can keep product stock in bulk and can sell direct to final consumer or retailer.
  • E-Commerce:
    Internet has emerged as a one of the promising distribution channel for selling the handicrafts products. It is estimated that internet will be one of the major channel for the distribution of handicrafts products through E-Commerce. Easily availability on global basis and cost effective way has made Internet a good marketplace to buy, sell, and promote the products.

Handicrafts Trade
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