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Pop art is one of the major art movements of the Twentieth Century. Pop art was an artistic movement that emerged in the early 1950s in Britain and at the same time in the late 1950s in the United States.

Pop art can be characterized by themes and techniques drained from popular mass culture, such as

  • Advertising and
  • Comic books.

Like pop music, pop art also aimed to utilize images of popular culture in art. It emphasizes on the predictable or attractive elements of any given culture. Pop art at a time embattled a broad audience, and often it claimed to do so. However, much of pop art is considered very educational as it is very easy to comprehend.

American pop art has its own origins different from the British. Here the movement was a response to Abstract Expressionism. Here it marked a return to sharp paintwork and representational art. Its use of images from mass culture and regular exchange was a relatively new progress.


In Spain pop art from the roots of the crisis of in-formalism. Eduardo Arroyo was the famous pop art artist of this time.

Pop art in Japan is distinctive and exclusive. Many Japanese pop artists take motivation largely from Anime and traditional Japanese art. The most well known pop artist currently in Japan is Takashi Murakami. Many pop artists in Japan use strange or obscene, shocking images in their art inspired by Japanese Hentai. This element of the art catches the eye of viewers and it is extremely thought provoking.

Few names of notable pop artists are given below:

  • David Hockney
  • Sir Peter Blake
  • Derek Boshier
  • Patrick Caulfield
  • Alan D'arcangelo
  • Jim Dine
  • Marisol Escobar
  • Alfred Gockel
  • Red Grooms

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