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Art means beauty and in this beauty nudity remains always exciting, surprising and intriguing. Of any classic art the true spirit lays in nudity. Though the purity and sensuality of bareness was always taken as cheap and vulgar the artistic excellence has always tried its best to discover the purity and profoundness in nudity. Actually art is offering respect to god from mankind. Even many portraits of gods and goddesses are made nude like there are nude angels and naked gods and goddesses in the ancient Christian sanctorums.The ancient culture respected this form of nude art painted by the artists. In the later period the artists do not find any such reference for painting gods but they maintained this tradition by painting naked features of gods and goddesses and this became a symbol of their immorality. The nude art of the renaissance period showed the sign of degenerated human values. It is found that with the gradual development in nude art the human values began to decline as apart from presenting the beauty and liberty of human body and soul somewhere it provoked human desires.

The ancient Chinese culture strongly denounced the notion of ‘nude art’. There was no place for nudity and nude art in the Chinese tradition. There are many famous nude paintings in world by some renowned painters like, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Arthur hacker’s ‘a female nude’, Delphin Enjolras ‘a good book’, John Williams ‘a mermaid’,

Paul Cezanne’s ‘a modern olympia’Nude art in India remained a common aspect of sensual paintings. Many famous painters have time to time depicted many nude arts for which they had to face controversies. For ex, the nude painting of a Hindu goddess by M.F. Hussain made a huge uproar in Hindu society. Again the naked mother India painting by the country’s famous painter generated a huge opposition. There are many sensual paintings by the famous Indian artist Suresh Choudhary symbolizing ‘nude art’. Actually nude art in India has its ancient origin. A nude statue of gods and goddesses like Kali has been long worshipped in India.

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