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Nail art is an art of decorating nails with different decorating materials available in market. Nail art is a modern mode of decorating nails. In the span of last ten years, nail art has become widely popular. Many countries organize different events on nail art with the purpose of making this art popular and also for giving opening to nailists from different countries to share their skill and experience. Some renowned nailists of world are like, Michiko Matsushita, Eriko Kurosaki and Junco Ogava all these nailists are of Japanese origin as nail art developed in Japan. These nail art masters are more recognized for their delicate works on nails.

Manicure has become very famous nowadays it has become an essential makeup tip of every modern woman. Manicure art is directly related with nail enhancement it not only means shaping and filing of nails but it also means filing and painting of nails apart from this nail art also includes drawing pictures, sculptures and images on nails. Nail art is a pleasure full work as it always creates something new and original and if the creation is really successful it gives greater satisfaction to those who have taken this art as their full time profession. A professional nailist uses properly tested materials in order to increase product quality. Modern nailists create different nail designs to satisfy the customer demands and also to make their work appreciated.


Nail art requires mastery over the art it becomes really beautiful if done by skilled hands. Nail art or nail painting is done with the help of needles, stencils and nail brushes. a nail artist covers nails with pictures and ornaments also he decorates the nails with polishes and paints available widely in makets.another art of nail designing is done by the application of beads, flowers, feathers, clips and stones these are glued on the nail surface

Another popular method of nail art is piercing. Nailists pierce nails and apply chains, buttons, clips and precious and semi precious metals. But this requires skilled hands to make the entire process beautiful and painless.

Nail art requires perfect mastery it needs proper training and study to make the work result oriented. If you wish to pursue a bright career in this field or if this is your hobby you can enroll yourself for different courses and trainings on nail art given by skilled professionals in different countries of world.

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