Leather Stamping


Leather stamping is the craft of using shaped equipments for printing on a piece of leather surface. These stamps are turned on leather with the help of mallet. Leather stamping is usually done on a tree bark. The leather which is stamped after being dried the design stays on it. In order to make the stamping impression stay for a longer period, oil and fat is applied for making the leather water proof and defend it from deforming too. Generally leather stamping is done in geometric patterns following are the examples of some geometric leather stamping.

A Closer Look at the Amethyst

Casting leather is a technique of leather stamping done by using moistened sponge. In the geometric tool grid craft aid the leather stamping is done on a layout grid. This makes the layout fast and easy. One other method of leather stamping is that where the grid for leather is first stamped, the tool used is rotated at 45 degrees and is used for stamping the circle center.

In one more leather stamping design 2 stamps are used in this first the grid is stamped and then the circles are stamped. Many commercial stamps are found in various designs in geometric or animal patterns.

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