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Folk Art

Folk Art is that art which describes crafting style and traditional values of a particular society and social group. Basically folk art is done by those people who don't have prior artistic training. Folk art is done using already established art techniques of a particular culture. Other than paintings and sculpture, some daily necessities like, tools and costumes are also considered as folk art. Folk art has its separate field it is never influenced by the changes in fine arts; it maintains its own social sphere. The 21st century witnessed huge upgradation of folk art and folk artists.

If you are interested in folk creativity you can satisfy your curiosity by visiting different folk art museums. The Museum of International Folk Art Santa Fe, Mexico, has largest collection of folk art materials in world. The United States regularly organizes folk art festivals.

Chinese Folk Art: Folk art has historical impact on China. Puppetry is the famous folk art of China. Other than puppetry, ‘Quyi' is another famous folk art of China. The Quyi, folk art is a medium of telling stories, monologues and dialogues.

African Folk Art: The African folk art generally revolves around household items, textiles, masks and wood sculptures. Another folk art item of Africa is metals metallic objects are very functional and meaning oriented in Africa

The Asian and Middle Eastern Folk Art: Asian and Middle Eastern folk art comprises folk ideas from all Middle Eastern and Asian countries like, India, china, Japan, Tibet, Korea, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia.

Folk art is still a common concept; just the idea is a bit change where it uses to reflect only the life style of ancient people, now it describes both modern and ancient culture at the same time.

The Indian folk art generally describes the religious life of majority Hindus. Indian folk art describes the life and thoughts of not only ancient Aryans but also modern Indians.

To enhance your knowledge further on Folk art, or to know more about it visit our site India Crafts.