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Fine art refers to that category of art which focuses especially on visual art forms it includes painting, sculpting, architecture and printing all these verities of art fall in the category of fine art. The word fine in fine art does not tell about the quality rather it tells about the purity and the discipline of this art. The term fine in fine art also denotes a final cause, a purpose or an end. A fine art is often confused with performing arts like (dance, music, drama). Different types of fine arts are recognized in modern world some are discussed below:

Drawing: Drawing refers to creating choice marks on a piece of paper or on a canvas. The drawing is done with the help of drawing tools like, pencil, pen, brushes, wax color and many such things. A person who is expert in drawing is called as draftsman or draughtsman.

Architecture: Architecture is an art and science of building designing and structural designing. The person who excels in this art is called an architect.

Film Art: film denotes the art of arranging motion pictures. A film is made by recording many clips together of actual person and object with the help of cameras or by applying animation techniques and creating special effects.

Literature: literature refers to the literally knowledge of letters and a language. The term literature refers to literary knowledge of text including, prose, poetry, fiction and non fiction.

Painting: Painting has a lot of similarities with drawing it is a technique of applying colors on a piece of paper or on a canvas. Apart from paper, painting is even done on glass, wood and wall.
Textile Painting: Textile painting is done on different clothing materials like bags, cloth containers, towels and even on dress materials.

Present society is directly influenced of different variations in fine arts. Many people cherish this art form as a hobby while many others have taken it as their full time job. Many reputed institutes provide detail study on fine art. The academic qualification in fine art provides degree on Master of Fine Arts.

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