Fantasy Art


Fantasy art is a type of art which describes magical and mystical ideas, myths and fiction. Mention of faries, dragons, wizards and other such mystical characters are the common features of fantasy art. Fantasy art is strongly related with fiction and fictitious literatures. You can find a great influence of local culture and tradition on fantasy arts. Despite having a long list of admirers the fantasy art is not called as fine art and it finds no place in art museums and galleries. ‘The lady of Shalott’ by John William Waterhouse, ‘The Castle in the Pyrenees’ by Rene Magritte are famous fantasy arts. There are many famous fantasy artists around the world names of few of them are like Wendy Froud, Hazel Brown, Alan Lee, Perle Atelier and Victoria Griffin. Fantasy art comprises works of artists, musicians, writers and even filmmakers taking ideas from ancient myths and literatures.

In all fantasy arts you will always find impact of heroes and heroines, the supernatural characters like monsters, demons and draculas.Again there remains images and impacts of stories related to gods and goddesses.

In modern fantasy art there remains always a great impact of 3D images. To enhance your knowledge further on Fantasy art, or to know more about it visit our site India Crafts

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