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Erotic art covers a wide variety of art which includes writing, sculpture, paintings, music, writing and photography. Erotic art means an art form that evokes or depicts lovemaking scenes and arouse sensual emotions. Erotic art is often confused with pornography as pornographic scenes also arouse erotic feelings. But they can never be compared as erotic art. Though pornography also uses these art tools but its chief aim always remains arousing one sexually. In the eastern culture the tradition of erotic painting was very common. In Japan, erotic art became popular in 19th century. Similarly in China, the erotic art achieved popularity during the Ming Dynasty.

The modern erotic is not widely popular it is common in a specific group much of the population still do not accept this art as an actual art form but in the last centuries society has developed its thoughts on erotic art and has moved beyond standard genre of art like portraits and landscapes. A standard of erotic art is determined by the community in which a particular art form is displayed. An erotic art is never considered obscene unless it arouses sexual desires of a person. Great difficulties have been found in all legal systems of world in discriminating between an erotic art and obscenity. There are many museums and art galleries on erotic art where different erotic paintings are kept.

There are many famous erotic artists some famous names are Edmon François, Angelo, Jacopo and Edmond Francois. In India the year 1999 made a great impact in the field of erotic art in India. In modern India the values and disciplines of erotic art has faced an immense change so it has become a serious need to increase the true perspective of erotic art in modern and young India.

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