Digital Art


Digital art is an art created on a computer, in digital form. Digital art can be purely computer generated. The term ‘digital art’ is actually reserved for that art which has been non-trivially modified by a computing process. Digitized text data and raw audio and video recordings are not usually considered as digital art, but those can be part of the larger project of digital art.

The accessibility and attractiveness of photograph manipulation, software has engendered a vast and creative record of highly customized images. Even you can find many of them bearing little or no hint of the original image.

Using electronic versions of brushes filters and enlargers, graphic designers produce images, which was unattainable through conservative photographic tools. More over, digital artists may influence many other extensions of art namely,

  • Scanned drawings,
  • Paintings,
  • Collages or
  • Lithographs etc.

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