Black Art


Black art refers to art forms by the people of African origin performed by the black artists. Black art thrives upon black themes. It is a belief in magic and magical enchantments that helps in destroying the evil forces and gives a peaceful life. Starting from 1400, throughout the Victorian era even typesetting was referred as black art. In black art one black piece of cloth is used in order to highlight a particular movement and object. Black art is also called as black magic, necromancy and sorcery. Black art is a medium of emerging supernatural powers. Black art originated in Africa and its forms were practiced in West Indies. Black art is done when the entire stage turns black and moves white objects around. The stage is turned black in order to create unusual effects

In order to give Black art world wide recognition many events and cultural programmes are organized. In the National Black Arts Festival different visual and literary African arts related to black art is organized every year. There are many famous black artists who are recognized worldwide for their incomparable works some famous names are like, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, William Johnson, and Gordon Parks . The works of these black artists form parts of museum's collections.To enhance your knowledge further on Black Art, or to know more about it visit our site India Crafts.

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