Art of Noise


Art of noise was formed in the year 1983 by Trevor Horn, Paul Morley and Anne Dudley . Actually art of noise means some novel works of people in respect of art, culture and politics. Initially the art of noise was packaged as a source of distinction between art and creators of art. The band of art of noise was recognized for their unique use of electronics, sampling and computer in music. In the beginning the band named them both The Art of Noise and Art of noise.

It is said that art of noise was never a band instead they are an organization. It was writer Paul Morley who provided many ideas and improved the image of the band in front of press and media. the band gave a global mega hit ‘Video Killed the Radio Star' in the year 1979.Art of noise gave many hits like in 1988 bands alliance with the then singer Tom Jones created great public interest in the art of noise. Another album, ‘Below the waste' in 1989, could not succeed in making any impact. Names of some famous albums of Art of Noise are discussed below:

  • Into Battle with the Art of Noise
  • Who's Afraid of The Art of Noise?
  • In Visible Silence
  • Below the Waste
  • The Seduction of Claude Debussy

Art of noise was never ever a band it was only a distinct non rocking, creative and post modernist organization.

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